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Let's create art that everyone understands

So, you're looking at using visuals to attract audiences, share messages and align understanding. Sure, let's get started!

Together we can one lah! Singapore COVID-19 Community Infographic | Visual Summary | Illustration | Artese Studios |

Together We Can One Lah! | Illustration

Hello! We're here to save you from the pandemic of powerpoint and meeting notes

Live Visuals

We attend your events, listen, synthesize and illustrate them live. At the end of your event, your audience will be treated to visual summaries that capture the key content shared and heard. We do all the legwork in making information digestible, so that your audience can focus on enjoying the content.

Eco-Conversations @ Tampines | Graphic Recording

We create many kinds of visuals

We do hand-illustrated visuals that are suitable for your social media, books for the young and younger, websites, walls and your private jet.

Eco-Conversations @ Tampines | Animated Illustration

Visuals have the power to speak the unspoken

Let’s embrace the fact that some topics are just difficult to share verbally. Yes, we’re talking about topics such as racial discrimination, violence and abuse. But visuals can convey information in a subtle yet powerful manner.

Scroll to View | Domestic Violence | Infographic

Live visuals, virtual or physical

The past year has been testimony that graphic recordings can happen in virtual, physical and hybrid spaces.

Physical Graphic Recording.jpg

It need not be live

We love to work our magic on different content. This includes podcasts, articles, books, journals etc.

A*STAR | Illustration

We can take on an active role too

Graphic Facilitation

We can take on an active role in designing sessions where we ask critical questions. This helps participants think deeper and more clearly. We take on a content neutral graphic facilitator role to literally put everyone on the same page.

Institute of Adult Learning (IAL) | Sharing on Graphic Facilitation

We are making efforts to reduce waste. Hence, we’re making digital illustrations our staple.

We strive to reduce physical assets. Hence, digital graphic illustrations are our default offerings. Hardcopies of the illustrations are available upon request. 

How much does this cost?

We cost a project based on the amount of creativity spin, intensity of information, turnaround timeline, medium and complexity of work. To help you along, our clients generally find $200 and $2000+ per canvas output affordable to meet their needs for straightforward and complex works respectively (what kind of range is this?!). Each piece of our work is unique only because every project is different. Hence, please connect with us for us to serve you well.

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