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Hi Friends!

Artese Studios, located in Singapore, was born in June 2020, after a gestation period of 6 years of collective experience in the visual industry. Although young, we are honored to have served local and international clients, and the public and private sectors. 

We ditch the cookie-cutter and recipe, and create something that is uniquely yours. And we spend 80% of each day at the studio thinking about your projects.

Artese Studios Illustration
Artese Studios Illustration

What does Artese even mean?

Think ChinESE, JapanESE, and add Art to Ese to give us Artese!


We share with you the language of art in the form of visuals, and help you reconnect with your ability to use this language. We want to breathe life into dry information by creating pieces that serve to Attract, Report, Tell (a story), Engage, Sell (an idea) and Entertain.

The struggle is real

We went to art galleries only to realize at the end of the visit, we spent more time reading the descriptions and guides rather than looking at the artwork. And we figured out that Artese’s work has to be different from a typical artwork, because you need to understand our artwork without a description tag. To capture beyond our 8 seconds shorter-than-goldfish’s attention span is what we are aiming for. So, creating “Art That You Understand” is our priority in any project.

Are YOU the one we've been looking for?! 

We’re constantly on the lookout for individuals to journey with us.  Here’s the key to enter our studios door - Send us your work on one of the following:

1. One visual summary of this video. 

2. Imagine that a friend does not understand the logic of this video (on the forth swipe of the Instagram post). Draw something to help your friend understand it.

3. Visual summary of this article. 

Send it to and you will definitely hear from us within 3 days.

You can learn this skill too

When Artese were kids, we never imagined that listening comprehension and on-the-spot art competition would become the bread and butter of our lives. We regretted not paying full attention to these back in class.

That means that you, too, have these skills in you and would only need some catalyst for reactivation. We call our training sessions jamming sessions as it's a safe exploratory space. For updated information, stalk us at our social media or contact us for customised sessions.

Artese Studios Illustration
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